Featuring with iconic views of the ocean,
the ideal place to experience the tastes of the four seasons

An indulgence in Nanki Shirahama cuisine, mainly seafoods.
We are proud to present the elegant taste of the seasonal best ingredients.
The great variety never fails to amaze our guests- pick your choice, and enjoy the wonders of Japanese kaiseki courses.

Chef's Quality Selections

Safe and secure
Fresh food ingredients

We only serve quality food ingredients that is best to enjoy in the season. We grasp and share details of the origins of the ingredients so as to make sure they are fresh, safe, and secure for our guests. Be amazed by the great variety of seafood!

Additional Side Dishes

Please approach us at least one day in advance (before 5pm) for additional side dishes
Availability is subjected to changes in climate conditions. Besides, prices may also slightly change in different days. We apricate your understanding.

Seasonal side dishes

(*) Please approach us at least one day in advance (before 5pm)

Sea fresh long tooth grouper
(Nov – Mar)

Sashimi/ thin vinegared slices/ mini pot/ boiled

JPY 3,500 up/each (tax excluded)

long tooth grouper- the fancy, expensive, and popular fish. Be fascinated by its plump body full of collagen.


Sashimi/ thin vinegared slices/ mini pot/ boiled

JPY3,000 up/each (tax excluded)

Nagareko is similar to abalone, it’s also called “okobushi” in Japanese, featured by its soft and sweet meat.

Mochi skipjack tuna sashimi

各¥3,000~ (tax excluded)

Spring skipjack tuna is called “Mochi skipjack tuna” for the low fat, chewy texture. It tastes like fresh mochi, and thus comes its name.


With the sea-fresh seaweed fragrance and the crispy texture, let the sensation delight your whole wellbeing!

Slipper lobster

It’s a fancy, ancient spice of lobster originated from Kishu Minabe, light pink in color and sweet in its taste. The chewiness is simply wonderful.

Japanese lobster

The classy seafood with a discernible sweet taste and nice, soft texture. Feast on it!

Kumano beef

Wakayama wagyu with the pedigree of Tajima beef, known for its excellent texture and accented taste. Enjoy its mouth-melting and fragrant sensation!

(*) Tax is excluded
(*) Please make your reservation at least one day in advance (before 5pm).

(*) Pictures are for reference only


Our breakfast offers a wide array of heart-warming Japanese and western dishes.
Our boutique ingredients are all mild but still savoury, let them energize your day!
We also serve in western style.
Please do not hesitate to approach us.

Dining place

Take in the best view while enjoying the nicest cuisine

Restaurant “Araira”

A restaurant with soothing ocean views from large windows. The setting simply creates an immersive atmosphere for you. Featuring the iconic views of the peaceful ocean and the luminating fishboats at night, the dining place is an ideal spot to experience wonders. We ensure space between tables and we also have benches and picture books for families with small kids. Our game corner is located at the same floor.

As a preventative measure of splashes, we have set acrylic boards and partitions at our tables.

Restaurant “Araira”

Explore the meticulously crafted dishes in a private environment

In-room dining

We pride ourselves in offering in-room dining at Japanese/ Western & Japanese rooms. We would love you to feel at home maximum comfort. For "in-room breakfast and dinner", please specify upon your reservation.

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